After nearly 100 years of service, in December 2014 - the Centennial of WWI - the doors of the Soldiers' Memorial Church were closed.  St David's needs you to help re-open them for good.

After nearly a century of service, St David’s Memorial Church building is in need of conservation and restoration work to ensure it serves for its next century and beyond.

In addition, with the new National Building Standard (NBS), plans are required to upgrade St David’s seismically. It currently achieves, across various parts of the building, between less than 34% (being the long term minimum) and 67%.

We are in the process of working to establish the cost to upgrade, based on a peer-reviewed engineering report by two independent engineers. That report establishes that St David’s condition is sound, faring well for a building of its age and construction.  

The Friends of St David’s Trust is receiving support from across Aotearoa New Zealand, and abroad, as the recognition of St David’s continues to grow.

The Art of Remembrance project has raised awareness of the unique role St David’s has played in the country’s history, and its vital role it must play in the future.

The Friends of St David’s Trust is a registered charity and we welcome your enquiries and support. 


It is free to join the Friends of St David’s.  Click here to become a Friend and to find out how you can be part of saving this national treasure for the benefit of the whole community.